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an end-of-life transition that's more peaceful +
meaningful for all involved

Moments of love and grace outlive death and bring comfort to those left in mourning.


individualized support + solutions

Life's journey to the end can be distressing, confusing, and overwhelming. You are not alone. I can support you — in reflective moments, through the worries that keep you up at night, and in times of practical urgency. I provide compassionate, inclusive doula support at the end of life and through transitions: death and dying, major illnesses, important family conversations, grief and bereavement, home funerals, advocacy and planning, palliative care, and more. I bring lived experience and reassurance, professionalism, compassion, creativity, and a unique, individualized approach to support for dying individuals, their care circles, and those mourning the passing of a loved one.


Allowing ourselves to be more present to the reality of death doesn’t take away all sadness or magically make someone feel completely ready for it. Instead, facing what is happening and learning more about what to expect opens up the potential for a transition that’s more peaceful and meaningful for all involved. It can lead to a path through the dying experience that is imbued with moments of love and grace that outlive death and bring comfort to those left in mourning.

It would be my honor to speak with you about your situation and how I can be of service to your needs, vision, and values. How you do life's transitions is your story to create, in your way, and I am honored to walk alongside you and your loved ones.

In Due Time
Lauren Sample

end-of-life doula

home funeral guide

grief companion

Lauren specializes in helping clients to create end-of-life plans, practices, and rituals that are meaningful, budget conscious, and environmentally friendly. She often uses symbolism and nature to emphasize the idea of life as a cycle where even death can bring growth and that we can continue living a full life after loss.

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